Green alien in Federation 2, the space trading game.

Fed2 Star


Federation 2: Commerce... politics... power... intrigue... money.

Can you cut it as a galactic trading magnate?
The Galaxy's exchanges and markets await you.
Your goal: build your very own planet.

ADVFN, sponsor of Federation 2, the space trading game.

Federation 2 ran continuously for 30 years

Federation 2 was launched in January 1986 on the UK Compunet network and was the first online game in the world to be written as a commercial game. It was the first non-RPG/Adventure online game, and was the oldest continuously available online game. It closed after 30 years on October 1, 2018.

Why did Fed2 close?

Spaceship from Federation2, the space trading game

Read the closure announcement here

The website remains as an archive to the game.


The Galaxy's exchanges await you in Fed2 Community!

Fed2 Community aims to keep the spirit of Alan Lenton’s Federation 2 alive, whilst modernizing the game’s foundation, improving security, and adding some neat new changes.

Fed2 Community is a new galaxy. We’re starting over, but we’re not starting from scratch — we invite all Federation 2 planet owners to jump to Founder or beyond in Fed2 Community! We will restore your star systems with planets, exchanges, and infrastructure intact and we’ll promote you to a rank appropriate for your system.

FedTerm and MU* clients: port 30003
Play securely on the web:
Contact us for more details:

Fed2 Community is brought to you by Managers Cosmo, Preston, and Smitty, all former Federation 2 players.

Live the life of a Galactic trader in Federation DataSpace!

The game's source code is now available here

Download the Sol files