Federation 2 is a free game, and you can play the whole game, from GroundHog to the highest rank, without paying anything at all. However, there is a range of extra goodies that you can buy in the game that enhance your gaming experience. Most of them can only be got using bribery, and the common medium of exchange for bribes is the slithy tove. Click here for more information about slithy toves and what you can get with them.

You can buy slithy toves using real world dollars. There are two ways to get slithies: you can buy them as you need them, or take out a subscription to get regular slithies at a cheaper rate. The money you spend on slithy toves is used to pay Fed2's running costs. You can donate your slithies directly - click here for details on sponsoring Fed2.

You can also buy slithies to contribute to the Fed Fighting Fund - click here for more info.

Click here for a special message from Bella about how slithies help keep Fed2 going.


Click this button to buy slithies - this makes a donation to our "keep Fed2 up and running" fund:

Donate to Fed2 by purchasing slithy toves

Slithy toves cost $5 (five US dollars) each, but there's a minimum payment of $10 for two slithies. You can buy between 2 and 10 slithies at a time (that's $10 to $50).

Click the button above to go to PayPal and buy some slithies. Once on the PayPal site, you can use your PayPal account if you have one, or just use a credit card to buy the slithies.

You will be asked to type in the amount you are donating, which must be between $10 and $50, and the Fed2 character name who should receive the slithies.

You will receive the slithy toves within 24 hours of making the donation.


Click this button to subscribe - this makes regular donations to our "keep Fed2 up and running" fund:

Subscribe to Fed2 and buy slithy toves every month

The subscription charge is $13.00 per month (thirteen US dollars). In return you get four slithy toves a month (which would usually cost you $20). Click the button above to go to PayPal and subscribe using your credit card or your PayPal account if you have one. You will need to provide your Fed2 character name.

Your credit card or account will be charged immediately for the first month, and then payment will be taken automatically on the same day each month, until you tell us to cancel the sub.

You will receive the first month's slithies within 24 hours of subscribing, and then subsequent months on the first Sunday after your subscription date.

Note: the discount only applies if you keep the subscription going for at least three months.

If you have any questions about buying slithy toves for Federation 2, read the information on the help page or email - please put Fed2 somewhere in the subject line to avoid our spam filters.