The Alpha Crew are the players who helped us through the period while we were developing Federation 2, but it was not yet ready for prime time. They helped in different ways, by testing new code, reporting problems, buying subscriptions before they had to, making suggestions about how things should work, and proposing new features to be added.

They stuck with us through all the boring bits, as well as the exciting bits, and some of them logged in the very first time it was publically available - Christmas Day 2003. We'd like to thank them all, without them we would have found it a great deal more difficult to develop the game as fast as we did.

Special mention needs to be made of the original Federation 2 staff. During that period they showed patience above and beyond the call of duty: Ahal, Art, Bella, Elijah, Fancy, Freya, Hazed, Marina, Nightdroid, Paladin, Paul, Vlad.

Thank you to everyone involved.