A shadowy figure...


Davros is the controller of the Sol cartel. At least, that is the name which shows up on the legal documents.

And that's all that anyone knows for certain.

Who is Davros? Nobody knows. Male, female or neuter? Nobody knows. Human or alien? Guess what - nobody knows.

Davros, whoever or whatever he, she or it is, is certainly the most shadowy figure ever to come to power in the Galaxy. He, she or it never does anything visible. Requests to join the Sol cartel are dealt with silently and immediately. Nobody has ever spoken to Davros or seen any trace of this reclusive entity. Even SpyNet doesn't have anything on him.

Before the interregnum, when the star systems of the Galaxy were members of duchies, the Sol duchy was ruled by the Galactic Administration, although inertia meant that the Ming's name remained on the duchy display. Now such groupings are reappearing once again, the Sol economic entity is the default cartel in which all new star systems are dumped. As before, it is controlled by the GA who have decreed a standard tax rate and who tend not to tamper. But now, the name on the display is this unknown personage - Davros.

Speculation as to the identity of this mystery Plutocrat abounds. Is he (let's assume for the sake of brevity that it's a male) a high-up in the GA's economic division? Is he the lowly bureaucrat that actually does the work of monitoring the cartel - the clerk of the purple wax, perhaps? Is he a prankster who has somehow hacked into the GA's records and added his name to the display? Is he a creature from another dimension who is infiltrating our space-time reality with a view to bloody conquest, and is starting by taking over our bureaucratic institutions?

We don't know. He could be any of those. (Well, perhaps not the creature from another dimension.) Perhaps we will never know.