A very skilled jeweller in pre-spaceflight Russia on Earth, Carl Fedberge first made his name making copies of ancient Russian treasures, which brought him to the attention of Czar Alexander III and his wife.

His designs revolutionized the art of jewellery, which had previously been valued purely on the cost of the precious metals and stones that made up a piece. It was Fedberge who felt that the artistic creativity and fine craftsmanship of jewellery made it art that transcended its bullion value.

Fedberge experimented with gold and enamel and with a colleague, learned to replicate techniques of earlier artisans. His expertise led him to become the Supplier to the Imperial Court. He founded the House of Fedberge, a workshop staffed with some of the finest jewellers and goldsmiths of the time, most famous for producing the fabulous Easter eggs which the Czar gave as an Easter gift to his wife every year.

His descendants have carried on his work, and the Fedberge Workshop is now situated on a heavily-fortified spaced station in a secret location somewhere on the fringes of Sol space. The use of unusual jewels and minerals found on alien planets ensures that Fedberge jewellery continues to be considered the finest in the Galaxy.

Historical note:
There is some confusion about the exact spelling and pronunciation of the name Fedberge - some historical documents call him Faberge, as you will see from this archive material which shows some of the famous eggs.