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TenBrane Corporation are the Solar System's premiere maker of superstring artifacts. The artifacts are based upon, and powered by, a combination of non-microscopic superstrings and supersymetric quantum fields operating in a modified Calabi-Yau space.

In the early part of The Interregnum a wave of panic over the effects of Hilbert energy leakage, and a number of high profile accidents, lead to the banning of superstring powered artifacts in the Solar System.

Once it was realised that the superstring artifacts did not use Hilbert or temporal energy the rules were gradually relaxed and TenBrane was able to recommence manufacturing. The regulations originally enacted have still not been completely rescinded, so strictly speaking the artifacts are still illegal.

Given that TenBrane is a large and influential corporation, the Galactic Administration turns a blind eye to its activities. TenBrane itself is not complaining. The fact that its products are, strictly speaking, illegal adds to their cachet and thus the prices.

Probably the best known artifact produced by TenBrane is their powered keyring. More than just a keyring, it is an inexhaustible low power energy source. It combines all the best features of a flash lamp, a sonic screwdriver and a Swiss army knife. They are extremely popular with the spacefaring community, most of whom would not dream of being seen without one!