If you are unable to log into Fed2 using FedTerm or other game front-ends, or if the login process is very slow, then the problem may be caused by your firewall. The Windows XP firewall in particular can cause problems unless you configure it to recognize FedTerm.

A brief, and simplified, explanation of what a firewall does: it blocks off your computer from the internet to protect you. It can be configured to recognize applications you choose and allow them to communicate with the outside world. But other than your browser and mail program, you will have to tell it specifically which other programs you want to allow. You'll also need to tell it which port (doorway) the program needs to talk through. For FedTerm, the port it needs is 30003. You do this by following these steps:

1. Go to start>control panel>windows firewall.

2. Click on the Exceptions tab.

3. Click on Add Programs button.

4. A window will pop up listing all your programs. Scroll down the list to FedTerm (or whatever front-end you use).

5. Select the program - click on it to highlight, and then click the OK button.

6. Click on the Add Port button.

7. A window will pop up - type in the name: FedTerm (or your front-end's name).

8. Port number - type in 30003.

9. Make sure that TCP is selected (it has the black dot).

10. Click ok which returns you to the main window.

11. Look at the list of exceptions and you should see two listings for Fed Term (that's the program and the port).

12. Click ok and you are finished.

If you are still having problems or you are NOT using Windows XP, then click here to find out how to report a problem.