Updated March 11, 2018

Being a record of notable achievements in Fed2, dated from the launch day on Friday July 16, 2004.

NEW - Highest number of Trader points made in one day: Gizmo - 23 February 2018. He amassed 940 trader credits in one game session, thanks to six new exchanges appearing that day. This beats the previous record-holder, Armani, who got 907 in July 2007, Averatec, who got 800 in October 2006, and Gwaptiva, who got 470 in January 2006

Greatest number of groundhogs set up in test Fed to help stress-test the new player code: Snocat, who created in excess of 900 new characters in the space of four days. Phew!

Highest Trader Rating: Ruanek, 137198 - November 2012.

Highest Hauler Credit Rating: Oxexo, with 10,406. This beats the previous record of 5,194 achieved by Hemo.

Highest Merchant Rating before promoting: Snocat, with 250,524 - March 2011. This beats by a huge amount the previous records: 125,258 held by Oddroid, 11,353 held by Metrostar, 11,296 held by Redrum, 9,500 held by Frazzle, 5,204 held by Art, 3,934 held by Jessecka and 4,236 held by Paul.

Longest late delivery: Oxexo, who was given 127 gtu to take a cargo from Titan to Pearl, but took 155 gtu. Given that you should be able to do the journey in 9 gtu, that must have been the very scenic route! - March 19, 2012

First new character after Fed2 went live: Aerie


First Commander: Aerie - July 16, 2004
First Captain: Aba - July 16, 2004
First Adventurer: Devaberial - July 16, 2004
First Merchant: Buddy - July 16, 2004 (although the rank was called Trader then)
First Trader: Chamberlain - September 2, 2004
First Industrialist: Garrick - December 3, 2004

First dead-death by suicide: Aba - July 16, 2004

First death by starvation: Captain Lynienna - July 28, 2004
Silly girl was rushing around hauling with such intensity she completely ignored the warnings about hunger and failed to stop for pizza.

First cheater: Kes - July 16, 2004

Stats for first day:

33 Newbods
26 Commanders
2 Captains
3 Adventurers
4 Traders
4 Suicides

First navigator: Buddy - July 19, 2004

First Fed2 wedding: Paladin and Kes - July 20, 2004
(Note: this was the first wedding after Fed2 officially launched, but mention should be made of a wedding held during the beta period between Madonnaboi and Treize, in January 2004. The venue: the surface of the sun!)

First Officially Registered Fed2 wedding: Djentsch and Jessecka - January 30, 2005
This happy couple were the first to take advantage of the new registry office on Earth.

First person to submit themselves for entry in the Hall of Fame (and Shame): Preach - July 22, 2004

First person to claim to have warehouses on all 13 available planets at the time: Preach - July 22, 2004:

>di ware
You have warehouses on the following planets:
  Star System  Planet
  Sol          Brass
  Sol          Castillo
  Sol          Earth
  Sol          Doris
  Sol          The Lattice
  Sol          Mars
  Sol          Mercury
  Sol          Selena
  Sol          Phobos
  Sol          Rhea
  Sol          Sumatra
  Sol          Titan
  Sol          Venus

First player to claim to have completely full warehouses on all available planets at the time: Fancy - August 1, 2004.

Only Industrialists not to have a company: Fancy and Ferreri. Thanks to the unfortunate timing of a game crash, the game knew that these two had promoted to Industrialist, but lost all record of their companies and factories. Oh dear! Not to worry, some swift work by Bella restored their lost property to them. - December 3, 2004

First Industrialist to have 15 factories - one on each planet available at the time: Fester - December 10, 2004

First death hijacked by customs: Midrats, who flew into the sun and then was apprehended by customs, who searched his ship before allowing him to be transferred to the hospital! - May 8, 2005

First player to promote to Manufacturer, declare bankruptcy and demote to Industrialist, then promote to Manufacturer again: Darkangel - June 27, 2005

Highest number of AK credits before promoting: Pinky, with 2,000 - April 30

Highest company working capital: Top Cat Alley, with a balance of 1,028,945,564ig. This makes Fancy the first Fed2 billionaire. - July 13, 2006

Longest time it took to get a planet into the game: Gandolf - August 25, 2006
He made the rank of Explorer in the GEnie version of Federation II in October 1991, and started to build a planet, but then had to take a leave of absence for a bit... and now he finally has a planet in Fed2, 14 years and 10 months later.

First planet-owner to amass a planetary treasury of 1 gigagroat: Droid - September 20, 2006. His planet Draedus Prime showed the following treasury: Treasury: 1,004,588,587ig.

First player to have 100,000,000 groats in the bank: Stirling - October 23, 2006

Most company cycles spent at the rank of Manufacturer: Stirling - October 24, 2006. His company clicked up 82 cycles which means he has been at this rank for about a year and a half.

Fastest promotion from Trader to Industrialist: Yuko - November 15, 2006. She did it in less than a day, as the entries in the game log show:
20061115 13:03 Yuko has promoted to trader.
20061116 12:32 Yuko has promoted to industrialist.
This beats the previous record of a day an a half, held by Genike, and the three days of Zman.

Poorest player in the Galaxy: Droid - November 11, 2006. He went from being the richest to the poorest when his planet treasury hit the limit of 2.1 gig and turned negative, leaving him with minus 2,143,923,814ig.

First person to pick up the cab on Earth and walk away with it - Johnnysbad - October 30, 2006. Due to an error on the object that controls the cab, it was possible to pick it up by typing 'GET CAB'. This must have been the case all along, but nobody thought to try it until Johnny!

Largest merchant fleet: Zand - 10 July 2007. He has managed to persuade 50 people to buy ships on his planet Zandzabar.

Highest number of deaths recorded by the insurance company: Oddroid, with 21 - August 2007.

Largest dividend issued: Sephorin - December 31, 2007. Her company, Strom Universal issued a final dividend of 193874/share.  A 10% holder in the company received a payout of 193,874,000.

Largest payout issued: Dragonslayer - December 31, 2007. His company, Scaley Souvenirs, Llc issued a final dividend of 97918/share which amounted to a final payout of 1,987,735,400. A 10% holder in the company received a payout of 198,773,540.

Greatest company profit in a single cycle: Odin - January 21, 2008. His company Asgaard Technologies, Inc. made a profit of 1114 meg and no expenditure. This beats by a long way the previous record of 654 meg, held by Doncorleone, and 208 meg, held by Chamberlain.

First company to achieve 100% disaffection: Butler - January 4, 2008. His comany Gentry Services Inc managed to annoy enough shareholders to max out the disaffection. I predict a riot!

Largest company tax hit: Cooly - January 1, 2008. His company Crypto Genetics Inc paid out 1113985725 ig excess profits tax when the new company cap was implemented.

Smallest company tax hit: Deus - May 16, 2008. His company Double D Limited paid out 30 ig excess profits tax, which hardly seems worth the taxman's bother to collect.

First person to do 5,000 AK jobs just for fun: Mress - April 7, 2008. He could probably claim the record as the only person to consider AK jobs fun, too!

Highest tax taken from an adventurer: Robot, who had 2,222,132 groats siezed by the Interstellar Revenue Service - November 14, 2008

Greatest company profit in the first cycle: Okstar. His company Frederick Foundry Inc made a profit of 255 meg, beating the previous record-holder Bilbo's 233 meg, and before that Dragontracker's 232 meg, Dragonslayer's 153 meg, Erianne's 111 meg and Aringerdroid's 32 meg.

Lowest theft by hackers: Pugwash, who had just 2147ig raided from her personal bank account - February 27, 2009

First non-staff Plutocrat: Oddball, as shown on the SpyNet Review on Saturday July 25, 2009:

The Chicago system has just become the hub of the newly formed Chicago cartel!
Oddball has been elevated to the ranks of the plutocracy!

First player to register a business: Gungading, as shown on the SpyNet Review on Sunday May 31, 2009:

Gungading has been appointed CEO of Gunga Ding's Water-green
Gungading has promoted to industrialist.

Lowest tax ever claimed: Otamusima, who had 1ig excess profits tax taken by the IRS - December 17, 2009. This is lower than the previous record of 7ig held by Kinret.

Fastest promotion from Groundhog to Trader: Kolie, who did it in 5 hours, and 36 minutes, with Anput coming in a close second, ~30 minutes later - March 10, 2011

Highest number of trader points gained in one day - Ruanek, who earned 909 points with 39 futures - March 3, 2011

Fastest promotion from Captain to Adventurer: Anput, who did it in less than 2 hours - February 25, 2011. This beats the previous record held by Jediknight, in which he did 468 hauling credit's worth of jobs in one game session..

Previous record holders: Hal, who took less than a day; Moriarty, who went from Groundhog to Merchant in 3 days, and Pollux, who did it in 4 days.

First Blish cities to be built and launched on October 23 - three Plutocrats share the honor:
Oddball - Aurora in Chicago cartel
Dunsguns - Magnum in Armory cartel
Bourbon - Ribeye in Havefun cartel

Highest trading rating: Gizmo, with 20130 trader points - September 23, 2010. This beats the previous record holder, Fancy, who had 18,136 points.

Obsolete records

The following records cannot be beaten, since the game no longer records the number of games:

Lowest number of games played to promote from GroundHog to Merchant: Afdude who did it in only 27 games - February 13, 2005. This beats the previous record of 36 games, held by Stirling.

First person to have played 1,000 games (without logging in and out unecessarily): Gwarrior - September 19, 2004.

If you have a record (or an embarrassing mishap) you would like to submit to the Fed2 Hall of Fame (and Shame), email the details to Captures will be required to prove your achievements (although no proof is needed for embarassments).