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EARTHDATE: January 15, 2006

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Saturday January 7
by Doggah

Three racers were ready for the first Magellan Cup race of 2006, and positioned at the starting point on Magellan: Averatec, Robius, and previous champion Fancy. After going over the rules, the race was on with the first of three clues given:

"But when did they make Rocky movies six through twenty-three?"

All three players very quickly found the correct location: Alhambra on Selena, in the Sol system. Within seconds of each other, Fancy found it first, then Averatec, then Robius. Time for the second clue:

"The best food a 90's British rock band could buy."

Again, all three players quickly found this one: first Averatec, then Robius, then Fancy. The location of this clue was the Zandza-Bar and Grill, on the planet Zandzabar in the Oasis system.

One more clue to finish the race:

"There is no more fitting place to turn in and get your Z's."

Averatec found this one quickly, and returned to the starting point in under ten minutes to finish the race! Fancy found it next for second place. Robius stopped looking shortly after, and so the location was revealed: the Zidonian Hotel on the planet Zidon, in the Zerahl system.

Congratulations to this week's Magellan Cup champion, Averatec! Thanks to all who raced or participated on the game channel.

Magellan Cup is a scavenger hunt/race game played every other Saturday night (alternating with Feddergories!) at 10.00pm eastern. Join me on Magellan for the next race on January 21.

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