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EARTHDATE: January 15, 2006

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Yesterday, Bella manually promoted some of the test team to the Founder rank, so they could check out what happened. Nothing horrible went wrong, so she has now done the same to all of the Financiers who have planets.

Because they no longer have companies, Founders will not be able to buy futures or to buy shares in other companies. At this rank, their focus is on running the planetary economy. This mass promotion is going to release a vast number of shares in other companies back to the broker, so the remaining Financiers will be able to pick and choose from amongst what is on offer.

Eventually, the promotion mechanism will be automatic and will be tied into you uploading your planet files for the first time, but until that is working, Bella will continue to do it manually. Financiers who are ready to promote to Founder will submit their planet files as before, only this time they won't stay a Financier.

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