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EARTHDATE: April 2, 2006

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Thursday March 29
by Squeeky

Four people turned out to play Fed Word Scramble and we all had a very fun night. The event started out with a word which unscrambled into "solar system", and Fancy was the first to get it. The second word was the only word of the night where the players needed a hint - the unscrambed word was "spynet financial".

Several words later I added something from classic Fed: "Emperor Ming". I have to give a special point to Robius for unscrambling the last phrase of the night, which was "The Idiot's Guide to Federation II".

After the scores were added up Fancy came in first with 11 points, Zadymka came in second with 5 points and Catspaws came in third with 3 points. Join me again next week for Wacky Words, and then again in two weeks for another Fed Word Scramble - that's 10.00pm eastern on Thursdays.

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