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EARTHDATE: April 2, 2006

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Two thieves decided to turn over a museum in Canada, but instead of trying to steal any of the exhibits, they thought they'd do better by pinching the surveillance cameras. Presumably they figured that they'd be able to sell them quite easily, since everyone is concerned about security these days.

Unfortunately, their plan had a flaw in it. Quite a big flaw, actually. They overlooked the fact that the cameras' tapes contained crystal clear pictures of the crime in action, and the police were able to identify the criminals. The tape shows a male suspect hitting three of the museum's cameras with a large board until they are dislodged. The cameras were installed last month to deal with vandalism!

The executive director of the museum said, "I'm not sure what they thought the cameras were doing up there, but they looked up at them so we could get a really good look at their faces." The word "thought" is probably not appropriate in this case...

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