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EARTHDATE: April 2, 2006

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by Jessecka

As many of you may remember, last week a bar crawl was reported on by Asterix and Lynnea. In the story, Robius was sighted with the following mood:

I killed the party, but I did not shoot the deputy, Robius has left.

After seeing this, authorities scrambled to arrest Robius for the shooting of a deputy... somewhere. Although they could not find a deputy that had been shot, they were certain that this was a clear declaration of a guilty conscience.

Having dealt with GA officials all week, Robius declared early Friday morning that he had had enough, and was going to sue Lynnea, Asterix, and the Star for defamation of character. After accusing Lynnea and Hazed in a heated debate on tight beams, he was overheard yelling about his rights, and how he was looking to retain Vlad as his attorney - since he was a mean and nasty bloodsucker, he was clearly the right material for a good lawyer. Hazed was heard to laugh at his accusations, telling him that she would see him in court.

Upon contacting Lynnea for a comment, I received this:

Your comm unit signals a tight beam message from Lynnea, "I am currently in the process of retaining council. Once this has been done. You may defer to him/her/it. Robius has no case. Clearly, he implicated himself in the shooting of the deputy."

Later in the day, Robius was seen gathering large sums of slithies, possibly for bribes to our corrupt GA system. If this does come to court, the Star will be there to report, of course.

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