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EARTHDATE: June 28, 2009

Official News page 4


by Hazed

If we need any more proof that people who use Twitter really should be called Twits, here it is. A man ran head head-first into a low-hanging branch because he was posting to his Twitter page while he was jogging.

James Coleman was running to work in Bristol, England, and was sending a tweet to the service using his BlackBerry. His failure to look where he was going resulted in the collision with the tree. He fell over, landing on the pavement, and was left with a black eye - not to mention a very red face.

"The branch came out of nowhere," he said. Really, he did, according to newspaper reports. Actually, Mr Coleman, I think you will find that the branch stayed exactly where it had always been; it wasn't lying in wait to ambush you! "I was a laughing stock at the office," he added. I'll bet. "I certainly won't be tweeting while running anymore." So even stupid people can learn from their mistakes!

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