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EARTHDATE: August 9, 2009

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by Hazed

Well, it's been a rocky week in Fed DataSpace, with at least one crash happening every day - and sometimes more often. But finally on Friday Alan figured out what the problem was and put in a fix, and since then the game has been stable.

The problem turned out to be the fault of two new star systems which had been linked into the game since the Plutocrat code went in. The scripts that Alan uses to set up new systems were not allocating them to a cartel - new systems are supposed to be part of the Sol cartel, but these new systems didn't have any cartel set at all. This upset the game, and when it tried to save the details of any player in one of these systems, it couldn't save out their cartels and so crashed. In particular this manifested itself when a player logged off from one of the planets. (There was a third system linked in during the week but the owner immediately joined a cartel so that one didn't cause any problems.)

We began to suspect that this was the cause of the crashes on Wednesday, but a fix that should have gone in on Thursday did not go in as it was supposed to. Then on Friday new code that assigned the star systems to Sol went in, and as a consequence it was safe to visit them.

Meanwhile, anybody who lost groats because of the crashes can claim compensation by emailing (please put Fed2 somewhere in the subject line). I need your name, your planet name if you are claiming money to go into your treasury, and the amount of money you need adding to your balance in order to make up your losses.

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