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EARTHDATE: September 18, 2011

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Tuesday August 30
by Fancy-Fancy, Gengineer of Toontown

Three players joined me in Studio 1 for tonight's Fed Phrase Game. Cray, Squeeky, and Knine were tonight's players. After going over the rules for everyone, we then determined their playing order with the wheel. Knine gained the first slot, followed by Cray, then Squeeky. With everything set, we turned to the puzzles

Our first puzzle was 4 word people (7, 8, 3, and 9 letters). Knine put together an impressive run, uncovering the T's, S's, H, R's, E's, A's, and C's before being stopped by a missing P. Cray took over, and after playing the D's and N's, solved - traders, couriers, and merchants - for 1000 points

The second puzzle was a 4 word person (7, 4, 7, and 8 letters). Squeeky was up next to start this puzzle, and found the T, S's, N, E, R, and A's before a Bankrupt wiped out its points and turn. Knine took over and placed the M's, O's, D, I, C, L's, and P's before calling a B missing from the puzzle. Cray spun once, landed on 500, called an X, of which there was one in the puzzle, and promptly solved - Galaxy's most popular comedian.

Tonight's third puzzle, the last one we had time for tonight, was a 4 word thing (9, 2, 4, and 4 letters). We were back to Squeeky in the order to start it. After finding the T's and R's, Squeeky bought an A, but there were none in the puzzle, ending its turn. Knine found an S for 450 and bought the E's before calling an H not in the puzzle. Cray spun, but promptly landed on Lose a Turn. Squeeky landed on 200, but couldn't find any M's. Knine tried an L, but there were none of those, either. Cray found two N's for 1000 each, but it didn't last long at all as his next spin landed on Bankrupt. Squeeky got the puzzle back again, but couldn't place any P's. Knine found a C, only to hit a Bankrupt on the next spin. Cray spun, only to hit another Lose a Turn, turning the puzzle over to Squeeky again, with 850 points. Squeeky bought the O's, then found two F's to bring his total to 1600. It bought the U and I, then found a G for 350, giving it 1450 for the round, vs. 1500 permanent points for Cray. Squeeky spun again and landed on 1000. It called Y, which filled in the last two spaces in the puzzle, and Squeeky then read it aloud to solve it - scurrying of tiny feet - to take Round 3 for 3450 points

That brought tonight's game to its conclusion. With that final spin, Squeeky pulled out first place with 3450 points, passing Cray's 1500, which grabbed runner-up.

Join us again for another game of Fed Phrase Game, which alternates every Tuesday night at 10.00pm eastern with FEDPARDY!

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