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by ibgames

EARTHDATE: January 13, 2013

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by Trinity

Hello fellow Fedders!

Whilst wandering through Fed DataSpace in search of cheap alloys, the vastness of Fed hit me right in my tachyon trails. In addition to the 17 Sol planets, there are approximately 779 player planets. These planets are within the gravitational fields of 331 systems in a total of 45 cartels. The player cartels contain 218 of the systems, while the Sol cartel holds the other 113 systems.

With all of these planets, one would expect the comms to be constantly buzzing with the excited chatter of merchants searching for the best deals, or adventurers looking for various places, but alas, it is not so. The Sol cartel has 94 planet owners who have not been seen in 3 months or longer, while the other 44 cartels contain 95 absentee owners.

A bit of trivia that was posted this past week was that the character called Archer has been absent the longest - 60 months. Doing the math, we wind up with 142 active systems (but not necessarily 142 active players, as there may be an alt or two in there).

In addition to voting at TMC, we need to reach out to our friends, especially if they are some of the long absent ones. Let’s get our player base back up there! And speaking for myself, when it comes to inviting people to play, I go with the oldfarts (like me). Typing I can handle, but xbox or play station controls, no way.

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