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by ibgames

EARTHDATE: July 27, 2014

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by Hazed

The Star has returned from its July break and the newsdroids are raring to go, ready to produce the high-quality journalism you have come to expect from the Galaxy’s favourite newspaper. Our next break will be on Sunday August 24, which is a holiday weekend in the UK, so you can expect the Star to drop into your mailboxes for the next four weeks (if you include this one).

During the last two weeks, Alan nailed the final few bugs in the new location editor, part of the workbench tools that allow players to design your own planets. That means it’s ready to be released – at least, it will be as soon as I finish up the modifications to the manual. This work is taking me longer than I hoped; it’s a long time since I last looked at this manual, and I can see a lot of changes to be made, not just to incorporate all the new features in the reworked editor but also to make the whole process of building a planet easier for non-technical players.

As always, I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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