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EARTHDATE: May 8, 2016

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by Hazed

As the Fed2 Star returns from its May Day break, London finds itself basking in unexpectedly warm weather. Less than two weeks ago, it was snowing!

Meanwhile, Alan is putting the finishing touches to the new version of FedTerm. He’s zapped the final bugs, including the puzzling lack of sound on some computers, and is now putting together the installation package.

I’ve finished writing the new version of the FedTerm manual. Now I just have to take the text and put together the web pages for the online version. I also have to convert all the pictures in the character and planet galleries to the new format and build the new galleries.

If you don't have a FedTerm character picture, this would be a good time for you to make one and email it to me so it can be included in the new gallery. The size should be 80 pixels wide by 96 high, and the format should be PNG. Similarly, you can send me a planet picture, which should be a PNG sized 172 x 172 pixels. Send your pictures to feedback@ibgames.com and don't forget to give the character/planet name.

If all goes well then we will release new FedTerm next weekend. Phew!

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