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EARTHDATE: May 8, 2016

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by Hazed

While it has long been thought that marriage is good for the health – particularly for men – a new study shows that when a man dies, his widow suffers less stress and frailty than women whose husbands are still alive.

The study was conducted by the University of Padova. It found that while men suffer negative consequences when their wives die, woman seem to get healthier. This is probably because having a wife benefits a man in terms of household management and healthcare, whereas women are “more likely to feel stressed and find their role restrictive and frustrating.”

Dr Caterina Trevisan, the lead researcher, said “Since women generally have a longer lifespan than men, married women may also suffer from the effects of caregiver burden, since they often devote themselves to caring for their husband in later life.”

The study also found that single women experience less anxiety than single men. They have greater job satisfaction and higher activity levels at work, and a lower risk of social isolation because they maintain stronger relationships with friends and family.

The study looked at Italian men and women, so it would be interesting to see it repeated in other countries to check whether there the effect is universal.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2016/04/22/wives-become-less-stressed-after-their-husbands-die-study-finds/

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