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by ibgames

EARTHDATE: August 12, 2018

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by Hazed

Back from our news break, the newsdroids are finding it hard to garner much in the way of news.

The Galactic Administration, never much of a hive of activity at the best of times, seems to have closed up shop as all the politicians have taken off for holidays and the bureaucrats who are left are just going through the motions, showing up for just long enough to draw their pay packets before leaving again for “urgent” meetings or “vital” lunch appointments that last all afternoon.

Even the galaxy’s celebrities, who can usually be relied upon to provide newsworthy gossip and scandal, seem to have gone into some kind of slowdown. We’ve heard nary a hint of an extra-marital affair, an arrest for appalling behaviour, or a falling out between people that used to be best friends and/or lovers.

What’s a poor newsdroid to do?

Well, we will struggle on to bring you an issue for the next couple of weeks, before taking our next break, to coincide with the late summer public holiday in the UK.

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