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by ibgames

EARTHDATE: August 13, 2017

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by Hazed

Every now and then we administer a purge in Fed DataSpace. We remove any star systems whose owner hasn’t been around for at least three years. Taking out these abandoned systems speeds up the loading time when the game fires up.

We don’t delete the planet files completely; we just stop them from being loaded into the game. So when players return after a long absence, we can put the star system back in. But in order to do that, we need to know which system should be revived. We need the system name.

All planet files are stored in folders, and the folders have the same name as the system. So if you tell us the system name we can go right to the correct folder and turn the loader back on.

If you don’t remember the system name, and can only tell us the planet name, we have to search through all the system folders to find the file that matches the planet name. Not so easy.

If you don’t even remember the planet name, and can only give us your character name, then the search means looking at the data file in each folder, which contains the PO name. Even more fiddly!

All of which explanation leads me to this request: make a note somewhere of your star system name, so that if you leave Fed for a long time and then return, we’ll be able to restore your planet easily.

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