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EARTHDATE: April 23, 2017

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by Hazed

Alcohol is good for you. No, it’s bad for you. There is no safe limit – everyone should give up drinking. No, a few glasses stave of heart disease.

We are bombarded with conflicting advice about the health benefits or otherwise of alcohol. Here’s the latest – and it’s good news. Moderate drinking is good for you, and total abstinence is bad. Yay!

The study has been published in the British Medical Journal, and it says that moderate drinking reduces the risk of a heart attack and angina by a third, while total abstinence increases the risk by almost a quarter.

In case you are wondering, moderate drinking is defined as around three pints of beer a day for men, and two glasses of wine for women. (I don’t know why women can’t drink beer and men drink wine!)

Studies in the past have claimed the same benefits, but puritanical health campaigners have argued that they are misleading, because the abstainers group includes former heavy drinkers who had already been damaged by their years of imbibing.

However, this new study demolishes that argument, because it separated out the former drinkers from those that had never let a drop touch their lips.

So there. Enjoy your pint in peace. Cheers!

Source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/03/23/bmj_uk_alcohol_study/

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