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EARTHDATE: June 18, 2017

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by Hazed

The final piece of the fighting code is now complete, and it’s all about how you get away from a fight if you’ve had enough of being pummelled by missiles or fried by lasers. The details of exactly how it works have changed from what I previous reported – Alan has gone through several changes of mind on this one before finally settling on the best way. (I suggested to him he was being characteristically vague, but he refuted that and said he was simply exploring all the options before choosing the most appropriate one.)

Here’s what you need to know. When you are engaged in a fight, if you are in open range you can remove yourself from the vicinity either by moving out of the location in the normal way, or by fleeing. Which one you choose will depend on how badly you are being beaten up – fleeing will take you safely to the Interstellar Link which is a designated no-fighting zone, but it will use up a lot of fuel and risk damaging your engines as you redline them in your panicky escape.

If you are in close range, or either of the intermediate ranges, you cannot flee or move your ship – you have to open the range up before you can get away.

Alan may have finished the ship fighting work, but I still have to do my part. Over the next couple of weeks I will get the game manual updated to include all the details on fighting, and should have it ready for you when the Star returns.

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